Win a Morakniv Light My Fire (Firestarter)

Knife with built in firestarter

I love the Morakniv products!  They are great camp knives that cost under $30.  The blade is easily sharpened and they come with a handy belt sheath.  They also have an unthreatening utilitarian look, should you encounter law enforcement when stealth camping.

I even used one in my video for two easy ways to start a fire.  That model has a swedish firesteel rod build into the hilt, so you always have the means to start a fire with you.  I’m always showing mine and trying to get people to buy one.  If I could only have one tool with me while camping, this would be it.  You may not go wilderness camping, but it’s always fun to show off your fire-starting skill, even if it’s only at a campground.

Anyway, while playing with my Amazon account yesterday, I noticed they have this cool feature that lets you sponsor contests and giveaways.  I’ve decided to use try this out and give away some basic van camping gear (watch for an upcoming inverter giveaway).  So, I am giving away three Morakniv Light My Fire knives.  To win one, all you need to do is go to this link and watch 30 sec of video.  Amazon gives you three options for people to enter the contest and I thought the video would be the easiest for you. It shows me using the knife to light my EmberLit Stove.

Ready to enter?  Here’s the link:

Enter My Contest

Hopefully, I did everything right and this works.  If you win, please post something on one of the Facebook groups I participate in and link back to this page.  I’m often in:

Minivan Campers, MinivanRV Camping, or, Camping Out and Catching Trout (Dr. John’s Group)

If you didn’t win, I’m sorry I could only afford to give away three.  But be sure to sign up for my mailing list so you will know about future giveaways.  You can also subscribe and “ring the bell” on YouTube, to get reminders when I release a new video (I’ve got a two-parter on refrigeration coming up).

If you missed the giveaway, I’d still encourage you to buy a Morakniv of some kind.  This link will bring you to the Morakniv Light My Fire on Amazon, which seems to be the best price.

Oh, and if you are wondering why I gave away the baby blue model….I set my gray one down one night and couldn’t find it until morning.  No fire that night.


Odyssey Camper

UPDATE:  The contest ran six hours before all the knives were claimed.  Sign up to our mailing list to be notified when I run another contest.  Next time I will give away a pure sine inverter.  Here’s a screenshot of the results which show that the contest was authentic.

Morakniv Giveaway



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