Other Odyssey Campers

I’m not the only person converting their minivan into a micro camper!  Check out these other van campers and resources.

Some owners have their own YouTube channels or blogs.  Others were kind enough to send me a photo of their Honda Odyssey.  Check em’ out below!

A Very Small Camper Van–This person sews and makes some VERY GOOD DIY videos.  So far she is working on her window coverings and curtains, but I’m looking forward to seeing more videos from her.


Vantastic Odyssey–Lots of good info on solar installs, travel, and the things you will need to do to camp in your minivan.

YouTube: Vantastic Odyssey

Facebook: @OffGridPrepared

Web: VantasticOdyssey.com


Patty, Jeff, and Peppermint Brower–A nice couple and their basset hound who decided to hit the road in their Honda Odyssey.  They are going to give it a try until at least the fall of 2018.





Patty works as a digital nomad, assisting businesses with client on-boarding, web design, and their social media programs.  They have some really clever ideas for utilizing the space in the back of your minivan RV.

Blog: http://pattybrower.com/vanlife/

Web: Tour of Their Honda Odyssey at PattyBrower.com


Will Scott is a Musician, who likes to travel in his 03′ Honda Odyssey.  Here’s a shot he sent from 2017 at Morgan Monroe State Forest in Indiana.







Bob Wells, Cheap RV Living— When it comes to LIVING in a van, Bob Wells has the best series of YouTube videos you will find.  This one shows one way you can build a bed for your minivan, but check out Bob’s videos on pooping, so you can answer the #1 question you’ll be asked about your minivan RV.

YouTube: CheapRVLiving

Facebook: @cheaprvlivingdotcom

Bob’s Book, “How to Live in a Car, Van or RV” is free on Kindle Unlimited and is a MUST READ

Web: CheapRVLiving.com


Exploring the Homeland–A nice young couple hits the road and lives in a converted Honda Odyssey.  Mostly a travel blog, but their early videos show what they did with the van:

YouTube: Exploring the Homeland

Facebook: @exploringthehomeland


Element Van Life—Maybe you’re thinking a minivan is just too damn big.  Nate’s a laidback guy that lives in his Honda Element.  He fits an amazing amount of stuff in a tiny home on wheels and puts some effort into the production quality of his videos.  Travel, lifestyle, and some DIY, I suggest you check it out!

YouTube:  Element Van Life

Facebook: @elementvanlife

Web: http://www.elementvanlife.com/


Odyssey Van Life–This dude lived in a CR-V, so he’s sure to have some lessons about living in a small space.  His Odyssey material is just getting started, but be sure to check out his eye-opening video about working for InstaCart.  Looks like a decent way to earn money on the road!

YouTube: Odyssey Van Life

Of course, there is also our own You Tube channel about everything Odyssey Camper related:


Vincent VanGuy

Vincent wants to keep his privacy, so no names.  However, he has some great ideas on his site, along with some clever wordplay.






Web: http://vincentvanguy.com


The Gadabout Granny–This is one of the best uses of minivan space that I’ve seen.  A very warm and welcoming decor with bright colors, in a Toyota Sienna.  Clever use of pegboard too!






Web: Gadabout Granny

I’ll add more resources as the site grows and I discover/vet them!

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