Overnight Parking at Walmart

Overnight camping at Wally World

You’ve probably heard that you can camp overnight at Walmart.  Well almost…

First, it’s not “camping” but overnight parking.  Putting out lawn chairs, sliders (if you have a larger RV), or setting up your awning is frowned upon.  Basically, you are going to park, catch some Zs and be on your way in the morning.  Maybe you’ll even buy something in return for the courtesy that was extended by the manager.  Here are a couple tips to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Be sure to ask the manager if they allow overnight parking, then play by the rules so we can all enjoy the benefit of free overnight parking into the future.

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When I’m not at a Walmart or boondocking for free, I use my Passport America membership to save 50% on campgrounds.  It pays itself back after a couple nights and then cuts campground costs in HALF!

Don’t get stuck buying a separate membership for each campground chain, join Passport America instead!

–Odyssey Camper

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