Minivan Camper DIY

If you are thinking about a minivan camper conversion in a Honda Odyssey (or any other minivan) it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  Don’t.

To help get you started, I’ve put together a list of all my van camping DIY articles and videos.  Every post in this list is a DIY minivan conversion project that you can do without any special skills.  I’ve personally done each project and used them in my travels.  Everything on this page works as-is, but my greater hope is that it will inspire your own ideas and help you to create a minivan camper conversion that works for you!

  1. DIY Guide to a Quick and Easy Minivan Camper Conversion
  2. Refrigeration in a Minivan Camper Conversion
  3. Solar Powered Motion Detecting Lights for your Minivan Conversion
  4. Water Storage for Van Camping
  5. DIY Rooftop Solar Panel Mount on the Odyssey Camper
  6. An Alternative to the Yeti Solar Generators
  7. Front Curtains for Stealth Camping in a Minivan
  8. Insulated Window Covers for Stealth Camping in Your Minivan
  9. Packing List for Minivan Camping
  10. Measuring Power Needs (to size your battery bank and solar)
  11. Custom Insect Screens for Your Van Windows
  12. How to Keep Warm in a Van
  13. How to Shower at a Truckstop
  14. Installing an Inverter in your Minivan RV
  15. Build Your Own DIY Solar Generator (Yeti Goal Zero)
  16. Easy Privacy Window Panels for Stealth Camping (Reflectix)
  17. Building a House Battery System and Inverter in Your Van Console
  18. How to Safely Refill Green Campstove Propane Bottles
  19. Using a Timer Switch to Extend Your Battery Bank
  20. Double the Capacity of Your DIY Solar Generator

Make sure you check out my YouTube channel for other Minivan RV Conversion DIYs