Increasing the Battery Capacity of your DieHard or Schumacher Battery Pack

Add a battery to your DIY solar generator

If you’ve watched our other videos on constructing a solar generator using a DieHard (or Schumacher) battery pack, I think you’ll like this one. In ten minutes you can double the battery capacity of your system for about $60.

Using a battery pack with this extra battery will give you more capacity than the AGM Yeti Goal Zero 400. Your complete system will be under $200 and you can add solar for $70 (see my other videos). You’ll need a couple things, but you won’t need any special skills.  The links to everything you need are under the video.  If you like what you see, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Thanks!

Note that there are Amazon links below, but you can also find everything at most Ace Hardware store and probably Farm and Fleet.

CES Quick Disconnect Connector

Cigarette Adapter with CES SAE Quick Disconnect Connector

Crimp connect to cover live wire from battery

Ring Terminals for Battery

Battery. This is a different brand from the one in the video, but it’s actually better than the DieHard brand. This one is 22 amp/hours vs 18Ah for the DieHard.

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