Install a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector in Your Van or RV!

CO2 Detector for RV

Do you have a CO (carbon monoxide) detector in your van or RV?

If you run a heater or furnace in your camper it’s a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector, in case of a malfunction. However, they can also warn you of more common issues that you might not think of like:

1) An exhaust leak from the van engine.

2) CO from someone’s generator. This is more common than you think, but thankfully it’s usually not fatal–you just smell like exhaust.

3) Exhaust accumulation if you have to run the engine for an extended period (snowstorm, excessive heat, etc.)

I’ve used this $20 detector in my house for 7 years and in the van for 2 years. What I like about it is that instead of a simple alarm, it gives you a digital readout of the ppm (parts per million), so you know if it’s a real problem or someone just driving by with an older vehicle.

It’s only $20 and the batteries will last a full 7 years from my experience. I know this because last night my downstairs detector started beeping. The display said “end” which means it was at the end of the rated 7-year life span (CO detectors have a limited lifespan), though it was on the original Energizer batteries. Ten minutes later, the upstairs unit did the same thing. I guess I installed them 10 minutes apart, LOL!

The CDC suggests no more than 35 ppm over 24 hours or 400 ppm for an hour. Don’t end up as one of those viral Facebook stories about the person that died in their RV!

Get one right now…before you forget about it.  I need all of my blog fans alive 😉

–Darren at Odyssey Camper

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