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Make your own RV Maps

I’m sure you’ve seen the “bragging rights” maps on RVs that show all the states it has traveled to.  I don’t have the space for one of these on the Odyssey Camper, but I still like to reflect on the places I’ve been, so I make my own maps on

If you are pressed for space, you can print out the maps and stick them wherever you want, or just keep them to yourself.  Nobody likes a show-off, but I’m gonna go there… 😉

I wrote elsewhere that I only had 3 states left to visit, but I always forget Alaska and Oregon–so I have five left to go, as of April 2018.  I only count a state if I stayed overnight (airports don’t count) or visited an attraction there.

States I’ve Visited:

Create Your Own Visited States Map

The States I visited in the Phase 1 Odyssey camper

Create Your Own Visited States Map


States I’ve visited so far (April 2018) in the Phase 2 Odyssey camper

Create Your Own Visited States Map


Countries I’ve visited (but only the US and Canada in the Odyssey)

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map


Provinces I’ve visited in Canada (I’ve got some work to do here!)

Create Your Own Visited Provinces and Territories Map

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