Minivan Microcamper Pack List (PH1)

How to convert a minivan for camping

This is the “microcamper” pack list I’ve used on numerous trips in my minivan.  Where appropriate, I’ve linked to Amazon so you can see what I’m talking about.  I’ve also linked back to articles where I use them or there is a DIY post.

Remember Phase 1 is the “hit the road as fast as possible for as little costs as is feasible”. If you are living in your van full time, check out the Phase 2 sections of this site.

This is the actual pack list I use when heading out for a couple weeks.  Links lead to my posts and/or Amazon descriptions.  A few of these are part of the van, but I sometimes take them out and so, have to put them back in before I leave.

  1. Water buckets from my DIY water storage project.  One for each week.
  2. AAA Card (Roadside Assistance)
  3. Dehydrated Soups
  4. Oatmeal pre-packaged or pre-bagged by me, with almonds and cranberries
  5. Immersion Water Heater
  6. Pyrex Cup for Heating Water
  7. Battery Pack DieHard 1150.  The ultimate van living tool.
  8. Socks and Underwear
  9. Duluth Shirt-Jac
  10. Pants (4) and shirts (6)
  11. Extra Shoes
  12. Shower kit (towels, flip-flops, etc.)
  13. Hiking Poles
  14. All-in-one Bodum Cup and French Press
  15. Ground Coffee
  16. Drip Coffee Pour Over with Filters
  17. Pop Tarts (because)
  18. 800W inverter and 120V Power Strip(now permanently installed)
  19. 150W backup inverter
  20. Coleman Cot
  21. 2 Sleeping Bags
  22. Privacy Curtains and Rod
  23. Insulated Window Panels for Stealth Camping or Cold Weather
  24. Minivan Window Insect Screens (Spring/Summer only)
  25. Backup 12v Immersion Heater
  26. Frog Togs Poncho and Rain Suit (in case I break down)
  27. Sun Hat and Ball Cap
  28. Toilet Paper
  29. Roll of Paper Towels
  30. Paper Bowls and plastic spoons
  31. 5 gallon Poop Bucket with bags and kitty litter (just in case)
  32. First Aid Kit
  33. Camp Chair
  34. Means of Protection (I won’t elaborate on that one)
  35. Hand Sanitizer
  36. Shave kit with toothbrush, soap, etc.
  37. My Honda Odyssey!

That’s it.  That’s all I bring when I disappear for weeks on end.  Travel light and you’ll find that you need very little to get by.

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–Odyssey Camper

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