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Minivan RV

I appreciate every visitor to my website, but sometimes that’s not the best way for my readers to follow along. So, now you can also follow my minimalist travel in a minivan RV, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

Honda Odyssey minivan RV camper
The Phase 2 Odyssey Camper project at Rubber Tramp Rendevous 2018 (solar panel on the inside of the windshield)


I try to cross-post everything, but you WILL find slightly different content on each channel.  The exception is Instagram, where I pretty much stick to trip photos.




…I’ve also got a Patreon account which I use to donate to some of my favorite artists that produce music or content on YouTube.  I did not set it up to “E-beg” but if you found the blog useful and threw me a bone, I wouldn’t turn it down 😉


Thanks for reading!


–Odyssey Camper

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