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Odyssey camping conversion

I’m hitting the road to enjoy the van life and see the sites in my Honda Odyssey.  You can follow me on InstagramYouTube or on Facebook @OdysseyCamper

In Phase 1 (Fall 2017) I’ll do the minimum necessary to convert my 2004 Honda Odyssey for camping and head to the badlands.  This is to show you just how cheap and easy it is to get out on the road.

In Phase 2 (Winter 2017-2018) I will convert the Odyssey for full-time van dwelling or camping.  Here’s where we add a semi-permanent bed and make other modifications to make life on the road, more enjoyable.

Much of what you see here will apply to every generation of Honda Odyssey and even the Toyota Sienna or Dodge Caravan. The main differences you have to watch for are the flatness of the cargo floor (flatter means fewer modification to get the floor level) and the width of the cargo area (this will affect the measurements of the bed and any cabinets. Oh, I almost forgot the Kia Sedona mini-vans. They have a large cargo area and can make for a more affordable camper van.

–Odyssey Camper

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