Fast and Light: Minimalist Eating in a Minivan

I’m not much of a foodie, so I “cook” with an immersion heater and carry food that doesn’t require refrigeration. I supplement what’s in the video with fresh carrots and fruit. If you want to travel fast and light, you can’t get much lighter than this.

The soups in the video can be found at Whole Foods.  For breakfast, I mix up oatmeal with some cranberries and nuts and pack it as individual servings in ZipLocs.  I eat that in paper bowls, which can serve as tinder.  On relaxed days, I treat myself to a meal out once in a while. Obviously, at 250 lbs, I’m not starving.  Each meal takes about 15 min to prepare and eat, with minimal waste packaging.

This is NOT eating minimalist, this is pie from Al’s Oasis in North Dakota, cuz sometimes…

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