Fire, I’ll Take You to Burn!

DIY Start a fire with swedish steel

Starting a fire can sometimes be a challenge. Here I will show you two ways to start a fire without matches.  The first will light the dampest tinder, and is pretty much foolproof, but is not very portable.  The second takes a little bit of practice, but you can bring it with you anywhere.

This post is a video, which is more fun when fire is involved.  Note: you may want to take out off your headphones for the intro…  Links to the stuff in the video are below.

Amazon Links to the things in the video:

If you want your own Morakniv “Light My Fire” like I use in the video, you can find them on Amazon for $30.  It’s a great knife for the money and if you need JUST a knife without the Swedish Steel (firestarter) they make other models.  I bought mine from someone at the Firefly Gathering for about $25, so keep your eyes open if you go to those kinds of things.  I think they have a subversive network of dealers that go to these types of meet-ups 😉

The Emberlit Stainless model can be found on Amazon, here, for about $40.  That’s as low as I’ve seen them, so buy it there if you want one.

If you are a backpacker and need to save ounces (ounces=pounds, pounds=pain), then it’s probably worth spending another $30 for the titanium Emberlit, here.

I’ll also mention that I carry one of these peanut lighters with me everywhere.  It’s on my keychain and my primary means of starting a fire.  Plus, you can light somebody’s cigarette.  You don’t want to try that with the Morakniv…

May you always find good weather and a warm fire!


–Odyssey Camper




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